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>> interest icons

running interest icons? post about it here.

interest icons
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interest icons
welcome to interest icons. this is the community to post to whenever you are about to/are doing interest icons. if you don't know what interest icons are, then please read on. an interest icon post is where you make a new post that people can respond to with just their name and you will go to their profile and find their interests and make them an icon from any of their interests. if you are still unsure about what they are/what this community is about, please ask a maintainer.

the rules

1. you may either link to your interest icons post here, or make the post here for people to respond to.
2. no spamming. duh.
3. if you're here just to get the icons (not post about your own) then please just watch the community, and not join it.
4. anyone can join this community, but remember anyone can be banned to. follow the rules and this won't happen.
5. when asking for an interest icon, remember to check to make sure you are posting within their deadline. for example, if they say the first 20 people to comment get an icon, then don't keep posting even when it's passed that limit.
6. respect others. if you don't like the interest icon you get, you don't have to use it. . . but do NOT say to them that you don't like it.
7. when posting, make sure to say your limit. if you don't include the limit, then please, when you get enough, strike out (<*strike>post) your post so people don't think it's still open.
8. if someone who comments has no interests that you know of, then please ask them for an image you can use. or find some yourself.
9. if you want, you can include a short preview of your icons in your post so people can see what yours look like before saying they want an icon.


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